[vlc-devel] Adding a new module

alx eosyop78 at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 26 13:25:33 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

Im trying to add a new plugin in vlc, and i don´t know in which category
i have to put it. 

It´s a sip-plugin, so there are two steps. First step is signalisation
in order to set streaming parameters such as sip proxy, username and
content. Next step is to start a streaming sessions using those
parameters. I am using vlm to stream. 

I would also want to let the user choose his parameters in a graphical

Any advices on what category i would have to put my plugin? Do i need to
make two plugins, one for the sip-access / signalisation and one for the
streaming ? In that case, how can they communicate to each other ?

Thx in advance.



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