[vlc-devel] Re: python binding compilation problem

Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris.cnrs.fr
Fri Apr 27 15:59:34 CEST 2007

> It compiles when I remove -lvlc-control from vlc-config and copy
> libvlc.* into src/.libs.
This comes from a bug introduced by the split of the VLC libs into
libvlc and libvlc-control. vlc-config outputs the right command line
options if libtool was enabled, but incorrect ones without libtool. A
solution is to --enable-libtool, but I do not know its status on

> After this, vlc crashed immediately.  Is it reliable enough (is this
> my mistake?) or still being tested?
You should describe more precisely the crash, and give at last some
error messages (possibly by invoking MediaControl with --verbose 2):

mc=vlc.MediaControl('--verbose 2'.split())

Did you have a look at
http://wiki.videolan.org/Python_bindings#Win32_initialization ?


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