[vlc-devel] Errors on Wiki WIN32Compile page and prebuilt libs

Bill Dolson bd at landform.com
Thu Aug 16 00:30:56 CEST 2007


Been doing builds on MINGW on Win32 and found some things in the wiki 
which someone might want to clean up.  Don't know if anyone maintains 
it.  None of this is worth a bug report.

First the prebuilt libraries in 

the most recent, contrib-20070530... has some problems if used to try to 
build 0.8.6c or b.  Both have syntax errors in the dts and flac modules, 
and libavcodec has unresolved externals.  Also, on this build 
environment with 0.8.6c the new Persian (fa) po file causes syntax 
errors (I think single quotes in the strings).  This is all using the 
configure scripts on the wiki page.  dts, flac, and ffmpeg have to be 
disabled for it to build (which is not great) also needs a LINGUAS in 
the /po dir without fa.

Was able to build 0.6.8b with the contrib-20070412-win32-0.8.6b... but 
it is a PITA as it was made with nonstandard directories.  The version 
contrib-20070412... has similar nonstandard directory problem.   Haven't 
tried to build with it yet.  Also the script on the wiki page to handle 
nonstandard dirs doesn't jive with how these were built.  These are the 
only two prebuilt libs I have tried to use so far.

Finally, the second two configure scripts on the page I believe have 
errors, the "\" on the end of the export should not be there.

Just trying to save the next poor slob who uses this some grief.

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