[vlc-devel] TS and dirac

Florian Pebay florian.pebay at free.fr
Thu Aug 23 22:04:58 CEST 2007

Hello !

My questions are about TS hacks and PTS/DTS.

Like it's done for MS-CODECS I've made a quick-beurk-hack to provide for 
the dirac codec the TS encapsulation ability.

1. Why DecodeBlock is called many times on small block (instead of one 
call on a block of the same size as the EncodeBlock produced) ?

2. I'm issuing a lot of "late picture". To get my code working I launch 
two VLC on the same computer (one for transcode and ts streaming, one 
for ts listening and decoding). Do you think the "late picture" issue is 
due to the computer's cpu load ? Picture's date are set to the PTS value 
read in the blocks.

Here is my pseudo-code of the Decoder :

- append the (small) block to a p_sys "entire_block" pointer
- get the (small) block PTS if it's non-null and copy it into the p_sys 
- if the entire block is complete
	- decode the block
	- copy the content to a new picture got from vout
	- set the picture's date to my local p_sys PTS
	- return the picture
- else return NULL

Do you think I've made a mistake in my PTS and DTS use ?


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