[vlc-devel] Making VLC aware of private data elementary streams

Bill Dolson bd at landform.com
Sun Aug 12 18:04:15 CEST 2007


I would like to be able to extend VLC to be aware of and pass private 
data elementary streams.  For my application these streams have a 
stream_id of private_stream_1 and contain camera geospatial data in KLV 
format.  (This encoding type has little if anything to do with XMF other 
than using the SMPTE data dictionary.)  For starters I would just like 
to be able to pass this ES type from a TS input to a network stream 
output but eventually would like to add encoders to accept a variety of 
data sources which are independent of incoming video.  Conceptually that 
would be similar to handling a separate subtitle file.

Is anyone aware of any work done along these lines?  It involves making 
VLC aware of a new stream type in addition to audio, video, and subtitle 
and ultimately adding codecs for that type.  Is there any documentation 
that would be of help?  I thought I was in good shape when I found
"VLC media player API Documentation" by Christophe Massiot but it seems 
to be profoundly out of date.  Is it of any use or should I just ignore it?

Short of documentation, any pointers?

Bill Dolson

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