[vlc-devel] RTP Packetization

Knudsen, Timor t-knudsen at ti.com
Wed Aug 8 09:21:12 CEST 2007

Hi Anand, 

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> Hi,
>    I am a newcomer to vlc. Could someone please tell me where 
> in the source code are the RTP headers added to the actual 
> video/audio data to be streamed?

In file ./modules/stream_out/rtp.c, common headers in function
rtp_packetize_common (around line 1900), the content specific fields for
a RTP stream are included in all these rtp_packetize_* functions.

> Also could someone please outline how the rtsp commands such 
> as SETUP,PLAY, TEARDOWN and PAUSE are accomplished in the code? 

In file ./modules/misc/rtsp.c, function RtspCallback, approx. line 950
to 1250.


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