[vlc-devel] Feature / change request

Willems, Peter p.willems at t-online.net
Tue Aug 7 11:27:48 CEST 2007

Hi VLC developers,

I have a proposal for VLC media player in order to make IPTV multicast
playback to work. I am not a developer so I will not be able to write a
VLC patch.

The problem is that for IPTV multicast streams (MPEG2 TS) the decoder
audio buffer modell of ISO/IEC 13818-1 can not be fully respected (due
to PCR jitter). The audio buffer (size: 118ms @ 192kbps) will run out in
most of the cases. The VLC player will show a picture but not playback
audio then. The problem can be fixed easily by commenting out the
following block within the int aout_DecPlay() function in the file

        return -1;

If these lines are commented out the player will play back video and
audio without problems.

How could this change (if agreed upon by the VideoLAN Group) be made for
the next VLC version and how fast could that go?

Many thanks and best regards,

Peter (filmfool)
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