[vlc-devel] Access input or vout threads from decoder

Alex Vazquez alexvazquezfente at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:38:26 CEST 2007

Could anyone tell me what's the prefered method to get a reference to the
input_thread_t instance from inside a decoder plugin? Or at least give me
any other way of getting the name of the input im decoding?

In the same way, i would like to access the vout_thread_t associated to the
decoder, how can i do if i can?

I know that vlc_object_find( p_this, VLC_OBJECT_VOUT, int i_mode ) can
return a instance of a vout_thread_t, but what one it will return if there
are several? Does i_mode=FIND_CHILD or i_mode=FIND_PARENT assure that we get
the vout associated to this decoder?

Thanks in advance.

Alejandro Vazquez Fente
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