[vlc-devel] problem with linking live555 libraries during compiling vlc

howard howard at starvedia.com
Tue Dec 4 12:20:53 CET 2007

Hi all,

           I was trying to use the live555 libraries which were built by
myself with VLC, instead of the one in the

           The live555 was built successfully and it's workable. However,
during the compilation of the VLC, it said there were some undefined
references to certain functions such as '_fcntl', '__errno', _recvfrom',
'_sendto', '__getreent', '_fseeko', '_ftello', and '_getsockname' etc. and
the files tried to reference those functions I just mentioned were belong to
the live555.

           I'm a bit confused about this. Those files were compiled
successfully and workable. Once I copied those libraries into the live.com
folder of /usr/win32, it could not reference to those functions. Why is

           Is there anything wrong or I missed?

           Your advice is much appreciated.


           PS.I have tried with both 0.8.6c and 0.8.6d versions. But got the
same problem!




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