[vlc-devel] Accessing the demux Control at the interface level ? (re: RTSP trickplay)

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Thu Dec 6 19:27:57 CET 2007

>Laurent Aimar wrote:
>>   I will have a look at your patches this WE (or this week if I can find the
>>  time)
>The patch looks OK to me except for the option to turn scale on. That
>renders the whole usage of scale unusable for a simple user. There most
>by some way of either:
>1) letting live555 libs handle it

The "live555 libs" (or, more precisely, the RTSP protocol) already 
handles this.  Regardless of what scale you specify in the RTSP 
"PLAY" request, the server will - in its RTSP "PLAY" response - tell 
the client the *actual* scale that it supports.  (For example, if you 
ask for a scale of 3.2, then the server might respond with a scale of 
3, or a scale of 1 (if it doesn't support fast-forward at all).)  As 
I've noted already, after calling "playMediaSession()" (or 
"playMediaSubsession()"), simply call "session.scale()" (or 
"subsession.scale()") to get the actual scale factor that the server 
chose to support.

So, is there any reason not to *always* allow the user to (try to) 
change the scale?

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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