[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r23535 (ivoire)

dionoea dionoea at via.ecp.fr
Tue Dec 11 11:12:50 CET 2007

Looks great. I just have a few other comments:

>    /* get the current version number */
>    if( sscanf( PACKAGE_VERSION, "%i.%i.%i%as", &i_major, &i_minor,
&i_revision, &psz_extra ) )

configure.ac already defines macros for each of the version components.
For example:
You should use those instead.

About the status files, it might be a good idea to fallback on a generic
status file if the
os/arch specific one can't be retreived (like it's not on the server or
something). When
using that generic status file (which is already available as
http://update.videolan.org/vlc/status if i understand correctly), the user
should only get
a message telling him that a new update is available, without actually
downloading anything
(since we don't know what OS/arch he's using so we can't redirect him to
the appropriate URL).

You also need to add the configure flag to disable/enable the update system
at compile time.
(Good defaults would be something like: default enabled for windows, Mac OS
X and BeOS builds,
default disabled for others)

Antoine Cellerier

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