[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r23595 (jpsaman)

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Thu Dec 13 18:40:58 CET 2007

Le Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:39:33 +0100 (CET),
Subversion daemon <svn at videolan.org> a écrit :

> r23595 | jpsaman | 2007-12-13 17:39:33 +0100 (Thu, 13 Dec 2007) | 2
> lines Changed paths:
>    M /trunk/src/playlist/control.c
> Patch by Jilles Tjoelker. Fixes crash in playlist due to negative
> index in playlist item array. Added boundary check to solve this.

It would be good to know where this negative index comes from,
rather than hiding the problem.

Can you have more details, like, when this crash happens (at init,
while doing some specific thing ?, at exit ?) and if possible a
backtrace ?

This variable is used through array functions (vlc_array.h) so at first
sight i suspect a race condition either when changing the "current"
playlist, or at initialisation.

>  > http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/changeset/23595
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