[vlc-devel] Interesting playlist behavior using JVLC...

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 09:53:14 CET 2007

Hi JVLC team,

The good news is I am able to use the latest jvlc.dll
I built with the latest dlls from 0.9.0 downloaded
from the latest nightly build. For the most part
everything I needed works except for one or two
interesting defects.

1. Having freetype_plugin.dll causes the jvm to crash
with an access violation as noted in Visual Studio in
debug mode. I removed the dll from loadlibrary() call
and problem goes away. I did not need that dll to
begin with so no big issue for me.

2. Still get the inactive input exception that kept me
from working with jvlc these last couple of months. I
worked around it in my java code so I am fine for now.

3. Ran into interesting error where the jvm crashes
when calling playlist.clear() multiple times. I tried
using deleteItem() for the playlist and it does not
recognize the item number obtained from the
playlist.add() call. The item is still in the playlist
when I try to delete it.

I suspect the remaining playlist issue #3 above is in
the vlc code. I would like to know what the safe way
to call the playlist functionality. All I am trying to
do is play movies from a combo list and so I could
look at destroying the jvlc instance each time
although seems a terrible way to solve the problem.


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