[vlc-devel] [bug fixing reward offer] fix ticket 397

Martin Lindhe martin at startwars.org
Mon Dec 17 15:23:14 CET 2007

Hi all!

First of all, my apologies if this kind of offers don't belong here.
If so, where should I better address this?

I need to be able to stream out video coming from a live H264 stream
using VLC. It appears I have hit a known bug, since this does not seem
to be possible today.

It appears that the bug I am hitting is this one:
(More details in the trac ticket)

I can playback the H264 video locally just fine, but when I try to
stream it out from VLC, I get the following error messages repeatedly:

[00000391] [Media: bc25] main stream output warning: trying to send 
non-dated packet to stream output!

I have tried VLC 0.8.6c and VLC 0.9.0-svn-r23693 (17 dec 2007) with the 
same result.

The code execution appears to get stuck in 
src/stream_output/stream_output.c:273: sout_InputSendBuffer():

if( p_buffer->i_dts <= 0 )
    msg_Warn( p_sout, "trying to send non-dated packet to stream output!");
    block_Release( p_buffer );
    return VLC_SUCCESS;

A fix would require to generate the i_dts for the H264 stream, which
appears to not be generated.

So my employer have agreed we are offering 400 euros for anyone who
fixes this bug, either to the developer fixing it or as a contribution
to the VLC paypal account.
Please send me a private e-mail if you are interested.

The resulting patch will of course be submitted to vlc-devel after
verification that it works.

PS. Fixing this bug would allow VLC to both stream out & write H264 input
streams to disk.

Best regards
Martin Lindhe

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