[vlc-devel] Printing out buffer statistics

Jeff Mitchell jeffrey.mitchell at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 21:15:43 CET 2007

I've been searching through the source to make a simple modification
to print out buffer statistics.  The scenario is I have a client and a
server, both under my control, streaming an audio file with VLC over
HTTP through a network that has changing characteristics.  I'm trying
to discover the effect of those changes on vlc.  All I need is to have
it regularly print out buffer usage (i.e. how much of the default
1200ms buffer/cache is filled)...printing to stdout is fine.

I've looked around and found various functions that read data into a
buffer (i.e. Read and net_Read in modules/access/http.c and the
underlying __net_Read in src/network/io.c) but from what I can tell
these funcitons are passed in a buffer.  My impression is that that is
simply a pointer to the end of some bigger buffer (like say a ring
buffer).  What I haven't found is where that buffer lives so that I
can put some code around it to figure out its usage percentage.

I imagine telling me where this occurs shouldn't be too difficult for
someone familiar with the code.  Any help is appreciated (including
telling me if/why I am completely off/wrong here).

Thanks a lot,

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