[vlc-devel] Mailing-list messages detected as spam by Yahoo

Just an Illusion jai4forum at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 4 18:32:54 CET 2007


This is my first mail on the project, even if I follow
the discussions since few months.

This is not a development dedicated subject, but that
can impact some developments.

I have yet send many messages to the Yahoo services to
solve this problem. But the system continue to badly
tag the messages.

I have send a message to the videolan administrators,
but I have no answers until no.
I have encounter some members of the Videolan staff in
Solution Linux 2007, a dedicated show for open source
in Paris.
We have discuss about this, but the team needs
certainly more informations to quickly solved the
configuration problem.

That why I send a message to the community to try to
centralized all informations.

If somebody encounter the same problem, could he or
she contact me ?

I give you all informations that I have until know.

The problem seems come from krishna server.
This server use the SpamAssassin version 3.0.3.
Because I don't know how the spam detection work, I
couldn't determine the true origin.
Perhaps the problem can come from the X-spam-status,
where the score is always less than required.
Or the Precedence, which is always bulk.

In all cases, the case is strange, because my own
email client antispam detector don't detect them as
spam (I recover all messages, spam included and retest
them just after by message filter and embedded

We need determine if some senders are internationally
detected as spammer or not. Otherwise we can encounter
some problems in the future, because some good
contributions can be lost because some discussions
disappear due to bad message tagging.

Bye, and waiting answers,


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