[vlc-devel] propchange - r18863 svn:log

dionoea at lists.videolan.org dionoea at lists.videolan.org
Sat Feb 17 03:29:44 CET 2007

Author: dionoea
Revision: 18863
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Fix ffmpeg muxer header writing. This allows flash streaming with VLC. Example command line:
./vlc --sout "#transcode{vcodec=FLV1,acodec=mp3,sameplerate=44100}:std{access=http{mime=video/x-flv},mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=}" ~/media/aladin.avi --loop -vvv --color -I dummy

Patch from Olivier Houchard. Thanks.

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