[vlc-devel] libvlc interface problem

Ori Avtalion oavtal at bezeqint.net
Sat Feb 17 13:11:30 CET 2007


I'm trying to write an application that uses libvlc and I ran into a

Object variables, which can be used to implement callbacks, are included
in libvlc, but they're not declared in any of the public headers (the
ones in trunk/include/vlc/). It is possible to declare them manually,
but that's not a healthy thing to do.
I think the functions marked with VLC_EXPORT in
trunk/include/vlc_variables.h either should be declared in libvlc.h (or
a similar 'public' header), or have wrapper functions similar to the
var_* defines in that same file.

I have noticed that the .NET bindings
<http://wiki.videolan.org/NativeLibVlc.cs> declares those __var*
functions without them being in the "official" c header (no need to know
c# to understand it - look for [DllImport("libvlc")] for the
declarations). If it's useful for the .NET bindings, it probably should
be in the header.

Unrelated to libvlc, I noticed that vlc_variables.h makes use of the
type "vlc_object_t", but it is not declared/included anywhere. This
would mean that whoever includes vlc_variables.h must include
vlc_object.h prior to it. I think this could rarely cause silly
compilation problems and can be easily avoided.


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