[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r18906 (jpsaman)

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Wed Feb 21 01:08:07 CET 2007

>live-starttime.patch the patch needs latest live555 source code.

Could someone please reassure me about these 'patches'?  It's 
important that there not be any divergence between the official 
LIVE555 source code release (available from our web site) and the 
versions of LIVE555 code that get used to build VLC.  In particular, 
I want people to always be able to build VLC - without any loss of 
functionality - using the official current LIVE555 code base 
(available from 

I notice, however, that people have been referring to patches that 
seem to modify the LIVE555 code to add new functionality - e.g., the 
"playStartTime()" function.  At first glance, this new functionality 
looks good, and I am happy to see it - but at some point the changes 
should be posted to the "live-devel" list, so that they can be 
incorporated into the official LIVE555 source release.

Are these patches just a temporary reflection of 'work in progress' 
that people have been doing to modify their own copies of the LIVE555 
code, so that they can test new functionality in VLC, while ensuring 
that the VLC nightly builds compile OK?  If so, then that's good 
(provided that the LIVE555 code changes eventually get fed back into 
the official source code, as noted above).  If, however, these 
patches represent a permanent divergence in the LIVE555 code base, 
then that's something that I definitely want to avoid.  (Because you 
folks are generally highly clueful, I doubt that's the case, but I 
just want to be sure :-)

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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