[vlc-devel] Advice needed on patch contribution

John Droggitis jdroggitis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 13:25:43 CET 2007


I've recently "adopted" a patch to vlc that gives it "automatic commercial
advance" functionality when playing videos originally recorded on a ReplayTV
DVR.  The ReplayTV basically marks the beginning and end of every commercial
segment of TV shows it records (in MPEG2 format), and the patch basically
does 2 things:  It sets bookmarks for the end of every commercial segment,
and allows playback to completely skip commercials - a feature that can be
toggled via F9.

The author of the code had taken it upon himself to apply the patch to the
code of new VLC releases and make private builds of vlc, mainly for windows,
which he made available for download from his website.  He has released the
code to the public domain however and stated that if someone wanted to make
it part of the official VLC code, that would be fine.

The problem with the patch is that it probably crosses some boundaries with
accessing data that should be private, and probably not adhering to code
style and structure conventions.

I have applied the patch to both 0.8.6a sources and to trunk sources (as of
a couple of weeks ago), and made intel mac builds from them.  I can post the
code here for review, and can probably answer questions about how it works,
but given that I'm completely unfamiliar with VLC code structure and
conventions, would someone be willing to work with me to get the code to a
"proper" form so that it can be part of VLC?


John Droggitis
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