[vlc-devel] Finishing time based file splitting, looking for a little assistance..

Brian Raymond braymond at attemptatsanity.com
Mon Feb 26 21:17:25 CET 2007

I added a method to #standard to split file output based on time however 
I have a couple of limitations I want to deal with before I submit the 
patch. I don't know the VLC API that well so I have been stumbling 
through things, please excuse these questions if they are straightforward.

1. I have it working for realtime sources by triggering on seconds that 
have gone by but it doesn't work for sources that aren't processed in 
realtime. I noticed most muxers have an i_duration that is the duration 
of the stream so I have been trying to figure out how to access it from 
the data I have available in Send (sout_stream_t *, sout_stream_id_t *) 
bbut I haven't had much lucck thus far. Does anyone know how I might be 
able to touch it?

2. I am currently simply adding the video track (sout_MuxAddStream) to 
the new Mux that is created every few minutes and it's working but I was 
hoping for a way to easily add all of the streams. Is there an array or 
some data value I can loop through to Add all of the streams again, or 
possibility a method that will do it for me?


- Brian

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