[vlc-devel] Regarding streaming BMP

Nikhil Agrawal mrnikhilagrawal at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 06:20:32 CET 2007


I have some sequence of BMP images and want to stream it like a video using
Live555. For this I found a C# code to convert BMP to MPG. For each request
(getNextFrame()) I take a BMP file , convert it to MPG and provide it in fTo
Buffer.I cannot make a MPG file from all BMPs before streaming and stream
that MPG directly , I have constraint to do conversion on fly only. Since
this BMP to MPG is a C# dll and also not optimized , this conversion takes
some time (2-3 Sec for each frame) because of which Live555 is able to
stream it properly , VLC shows 3-4 images properly , after that it sticks on
4th image and doesnot show further frames even those are already placed in
buffer and sent to VLC.
#1 Can anyone tell me how can i proceed to make live555 and vlc work even
with this delay.
#2 Is there another way to stream BMP images , as if like it is a contigeous
video sequence.

Thanks and Regards,
Nikhil Agrawal
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