[vlc-devel] VLC4OSGi

Rodrigo Garcia r.garcia at computer.org
Fri Jan 12 17:33:49 CET 2007


I am about to release a free software project that uses both VLC and the 
JVLC Java bindings. Its name is VLC4OSGi, and its goal is to have a full 
functioning multimedia player under OSGi. I have chosen VLC because I 
think it is the best open software multimedia player and that it also 
has very good Java bindings.

The webpage of the project is: http://vcl4osgi.forge.os4os.org

To make it possible I have performed these tasks:

Commented line 1045 in libvlc.c of the VLC-0.8.6 source:

//msg_Destroy( p_libvlc );

I don't know if this will cause memory leakings (since I'm more of a 
Java programmer), but it's the only way I managed to have various vlc 
instances running at the same time in OSGi without problems.

Also, since I can't use vlc modules inside OSGi bundles, I needed to 
build as builtins some plugins that are not built in such way with the 
"--mostly-builtin" modifier of the configure script, so I have edited 
the configure.ac file.

Finally I have used the bindings from the JVLC project almost without 

I just wanted to thank you all for creating such fantastic piece of 
software I can use in my project.


Rodrigo Garcia.

P.S.: If you want further details on anything exposed, feel free to 
email me.

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