[vlc-devel] Playing "avc1" in X-QT over RTSP?

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Fri Jan 12 22:05:16 CET 2007

MPlayer - like VLC - uses the LIVE555 library for its RTSP client 
implementation.  Recently the following patch was submitted to 
MPlayer's LIVE555 interface code (basically, MPlayer's equivalent to 
"modules/demux/live555.cpp"), to enable it to play H.264 video that's 
streamed using Apple's non-standard "X-QT" RTP payload format:

In particular, this patch allowed MPlayer to play the following 
stream (Steve Job's recent MacWorld keynote speech):
(Don't be fooled by the "http://" URL.  The ".mov" file actually 
contains an embedded "rtsp://" URL; the actual stream is RTSP/RTP.)

Would it be possible to make a similar upgrade to VLC?  This would 
presumably be done in "live555.cpp"s "StreamRead()" function, inside 
	if( tk->b_quicktime && tk->p_es == NULL )
"if" statement.  (Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with how this 
code interacts with the rest of VLC to say for sure.)

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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