[vlc-devel] more teletext patch

Vincent Penne ziggy at sashipa.com
Thu Jan 18 11:53:38 CET 2007

This patch fixes :

- the stream provided by thedj containing some kind of VPS informations 
know works fine (they aren't displayed as subtitles anymore). It also 
solve the same issue on two examples streams on the vlc file repository 
(called stream-demux-telx-1.dump and stream-demux-telx-2.dump)

- got rid of a kludge that used to be necessary on the 
"has-subtitles.ts" example stream to avoid subtitles disapearing too 
fast in some cases. I don't know exactly why it's not anymore necessary, 
probably because I handle better the subtitle flag now.

- now the page number is handled independently for each 8 magazines
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