[vlc-devel] Regarding VLC activeX Control

Nikhil Agrawal mrnikhilagrawal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 13:49:26 CEST 2007


I am using VLC ActiveX control in my webpage.In my webpage, to embed plugIn
I used following ClassId

*<OBJECT classid="clsid:E23FE9C6-778E-49D4-B537-38FCDE4887D8"*

and used functions as document.vlc.play() and
and similar functions.

Now I wish to use vlc.input.state and other similar objects of VLC. Using
above classid it says object not found or is null. For this I searched on
net and found a sample webpage containing vlc plugin using these functions (
vlc.input.state etc). But the ClassId they used for vlc is

*<OBJECT classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921"*

If I start using this ClassId on my webpage, I need to update my functions
(like document.vlc.playlistClear() to vlc.playlist.items.clear() etc)

Can anyone tell, where I got confused or Whats the difference in using these
different ClassIds and for what they are meant for?

Thanks and Regards,
Nikhil Agrawal
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