[vlc-devel] What's the value of clock refecen frequency after calling es_out_Control?

xiang zou xiangwust at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Jul 20 03:01:01 CEST 2007

When calling es_out_Control(p_demux->out,ES_OUT_RESET_PCR), it may call the function input_ClockSetPCR( p_sys->p_input, &p_pgrm->clock, (i_pcr + 11 ) * 9 / 100) to set the Program Clock Reference,isn't it?
 I have read the inside of input_ClockSetPCR,but still don't understand what value was the reference clock frequency.Some documents said it should be 27Mhz,but I haven't noticed it in the code.
Can anybody help?
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