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Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 22:39:56 CEST 2007

Hi All,
  Just wanted to say thank you for putting up with my questions and issues I bring up from time to time.
  Execept for a remaining issue the jvlc bindings team is working on I am done integrating vlc via jvlc.
  My plan was to let the jvlc/dev team know this week and leave instructions for those brave souls who wnat to try out the new portal I implemented for kids but does a lot more than any other portal I have heard of thanks partly to yours (and users) hard work.
  The portal is a web client that gets data from my web service. It has alot of interesting features and hopefully will start to generate some more interest in vlc and other areas I felt were neglected by Sun, Yahoo and even Google in some respects.
  I only have tested under windows 2000 and XP and just have not had the time to fix some issues under vista or add libraries for linux and the Mac. Hopefully there will be some interest to where I can devote fulltime efforts to the portal. It was years in the making and still has a way to go.
  The instructions to get it to work:
  1. Make sure you have installed the latest jre from Sun for windows. It is version 1.6.0_02. You could use a previous version of 1.6 but 1.6.0_02 is the latest. The code was compiled using jdk 1.6. You can download from:
  2. Last step:
  Take the attached file (MyUniPortal.jnlp - Java Network Launcher Protocol) and after step 1 is complete take the attache file and save it to your windows desktop.
  3. Launch MyUniportal by double-clicking the saved MyUniPortal.jnlp. After that it will begin the download. 
      a. It will ask for you to accept my security certificate (I know it has expired but do not have the $$ to do more investment yet) and just say yes.
      b. It will appear to stall when it reaches about 90% completion in the download due to the big 13MB vlc jar. It should continue after a pause. If not you can kill it and rerun step 3. The download technology will quickly reach the vlc jar and continue from there.
    c. A dialog box should show up for logon. Just select OK with the mouse and it will use the default logon.
  When logon complete you should see a window that has a menu bar, tree control, content area and a status bar. When selecting the video button on the status bar the first time vlc instantiates it will take nearly 20 seconds to show the video window. It should launch videos much faster after that.
  The one but remaining with jvlc/vlc is when you hit the play then pause then play again the CPU goes to 50% and never returns from the playlist.play() method.
  When you open the tree control the nodes that are not folders will open custom windows if you double-click on them. The video folder on the tree has an action folder with video objects underneath that expect the video file to be found on the disk. I will make available the 4 video files from my website under:
  Just copy the files to the c drive in a folder called mediaclips and put a copy for the video clips there. The custom window will find them when launched.
  The video window that opens up from selecting the button on the menu bar will display two tabs. the bylist tab contains a list of streaming videos that are read from the web service. It is quite easy to add more but I am blocking anyone from doing that with the student logon sicne it is for demo purposes only. The other tab allows you to select a file from your available video files on your disk or mounted drives.
  There is alot to play with there so have fun. It is my second beta release and using the Sun Java Web Start technology you will get updates whenever I add them without a full install.
  Tony Anecito
  Founder. MyUniPortal

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