[vlc-devel] VLC/Mac OS X playlist resize issue (and proposed fix) - resend

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Wed Jul 18 20:25:20 CEST 2007


Thanks for your report and patch. The patch is nice and it's small,  
and the feature seems well thought.

However we tend to patch the svn trunk and then backport if needed,  
not the other way around. Basically it means it would be great to  
redo the patch against 0.9.0-svn.

If you have any troubles doing that, note that I can easily do that  
myself though ;)



On 18 juil. 07, at 14:46, Lincoln Ramsay wrote:

> Apologies for sending this again but I couldn't tell if the last  
> time got through the moderation process (I wasn't subscribed  
> before). The mailing list archives did not show the message so I  
> figured I'd send it again.
> I'm a big fan of VLC but there's one thing about it that drives me  
> nuts. On Mac OS X, when you view the playlist it doesn't open in a  
> separate window, instead resizing the main window. This works well  
> when you keep the VLC window towards the top/left corner but if  
> (like me) you prefer to keep the main window in the bottom/right  
> corner it makes the playlist rather hard to use.
> I've created a patch against 0.8.6c that I think acts reasonably.  
> After the window resizes, it gets pushed into the "visible" part of  
> the screen. If you hide the playlist the window returns to the  
> position it had previously been in. However if you move the window  
> the "previous position" is ignored and the window is not moved when  
> the playlist is hidden.
> This lets me toggle the playlist on and off again without losing  
> the main window's position. If you move the window when the  
> playlist is visible... I think it's less confusing to just shrink  
> the window at the current position than to move back to some other  
> position.
> I'm not very experienced with Mac OS X programming. The co-ordinate  
> model threw me off. It seems that position 0,0 is the top/left  
> corner of the screen and the x/y position of a window is actually  
> the bottom/left corner. I'm not sure what happens to the co- 
> ordinates in a multi-monitor setup... the code might need to handle  
> positive Y values and negative X values.
> Thanks for reading.

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