[vlc-devel] VLC Fink Port with 0.8.6c

lavigne at getphuture.com lavigne at getphuture.com
Sat Jul 28 19:45:00 CEST 2007

Good day all,

The return of wxgtk

My notes are here :
http://www.getphuture.com <avoid robot with break line>

I have a warning panel at startup : Error : Cannot set locale to ''.
Anyway, vlc runs and plays videos !
I'm using wxgtk2.8 http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/wxgtk2.8
I commented a line due to an unsolved issue with setStyle (end of vlc.path)

Latest build log with wxgtk2.8 on
http://www.getphuture.com <avoid robot with break line>

I know I should switch to 0.9 but I spent too much time to stop now on 0.8.6c

Thanks for your help,

Pierre-Henri aka Akeson_Chihiro
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