[vlc-devel] Memory corruption in playlist handling

Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris.cnrs.fr
Mon Jul 9 13:37:30 CEST 2007


I do not know if the transition to mediainstance* objects is over by
now, but it seems to have triggered a memory corruption somewhere, which
can be triggered notably through the mediacontrol API:

> import vlc

> mc=vlc.MediaControl('--plugin-path /home/oaubert/src/vlc-test'.split() )
# Harmless warning:
[00000297] main playlist error: Reloading playlist not implemented.

> mc.playlist_add_item('/tmp/k.mpg')

> mc.playlist_get_list()

> mc.start(0)
[00000304] access_directory access error: : No such file or directory
[00000304] access_file access error: cannot open file  (No such file or directory)
[00000302] main input error: open of `PüPüpg' failed: could not create access: no suitable access2 module

> mc.playlist_get_list()
['dead input']

# And another try to start the movie definitely corrupts memory:
> mc.start(0)
[00000297] main playlist error: thread -1210119984: mutex_lock failed at ../../vlc-trunk/src/input/item.c:101 (22:Invalid argument)
[00000297] main playlist error: thread -1210119984: mutex_unlock failed at ../../vlc-trunk/src/input/item.c:104 (22:Invalid argument)

AFAIK, the python bindings or mediacontrol is not in cause here, since
the playlist content is correct and the start method merely calls

Is anyone investigating this ?


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