[vlc-devel] How does VLC synchronize between two ES stream?

xiang zou xiangwust at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Jul 18 02:57:03 CEST 2007

Recently,I'm studing something about synchronize between video and audio stream in VLC. Through reading the source code, I found that every time when demux was finished, a function call "es_out_Control(p_demux,ES_OUT_SET_PCR,...)" will be invoked. Having read inner contents of es_out_Control, I feel its work is set the PCR which could mean "Program Clock Reference " (don't know whether it's right). Then,it might be a system wide refence clock, didn't it? 

  Here comes the problem: In the next step ,that is decoder module, I haven't found anything about this "pcr",why? how did synchronize work in this part?  
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