[vlc-devel] Re: Possible bug in vout_Snapshot()

Antoine Cellerier dionoea at videolan.org
Thu Mar 1 22:26:09 CET 2007

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007, Dugal Harris wrote:
> What is the point of the call to "path_sanitize()" on line 673 of 
> vout_intf.c?  This call changes the "." in the filename to a "_" which 
> causes "image_WriteUrl()" to fail.  Attached is a patch that removes the 
> call to "path_sanitize()".

Woops, that's my fault. The point is: we can now use variables (see
http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Play_HowTo/Format_String) to use
meta data from the video in our output filename. Those meta data
sometimes contain invalid characters, which is why i was replacing some
chars ... but dots should definitively stay. I'll fix this.

Antoine Cellerier

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