[vlc-devel] SoC Propositions.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Mon Mar 5 22:49:12 CET 2007


Here are my propositions for SoC 2007 (if google accepts our
application, of course):


/* GUI intfs for the browsers plugins */

This project is about adding interfaces possibilities to the browsers
plugin in order to have a correct embedded mode inside webpages, with
buttons to control VLC. The second part of this project is to provide a
replacement for all preconfigured media players embedded in webpages.
Instead of having youtube player, windows media player, quicktime player
or any other, VLC can take their place.

Proposed mentor: Quovodis.

/* Fullscreen Controller */
This project would provide a fullscreen controller for Linux/Unix and
Windows, as VLC media player already has on MacOS X.

It should be draggable, clickable and support the classic buttons.

Proposed mentor: Dnumgis

/* Subtitle support */ 

This project would rework the subtitle infrastructure and freetype
module in order to read more subtitles:

    * support for SSA/ASS using libass or asa,
    * support bold, italic, underline, RGB colors, size changes and font
      changes for a whole line or part of one line.
    * support for the HTML tags, and add all the useful subtitles types
      that are not yet in.
    * capability of moving the subtitles in the picture,
    * capability of displaying two different subtitles, with no overlap,
    * capability of displaying subtitles with no video enabled for audio
    * support for Karaoke subtitles,
    * ease the automatic extraction of subtitles. 

/* Vista acceleration and DirectX improvements */ 

Support for EVR for rendering in windows Vista and make it default for

Rework and ameliorations of DirectX Video Output modules for older
versions of windows and/or DirectX.

Proposed mentor: Quovodis

/* MacOS X */

* Create a VLC framework that can be used by both VLC.app and
* Adapt and use Leopard enhancement in VLC

Proposed mentor : TheDJ

This makes five projects.

/* MKV */ 
But, the thing is there is a strong demand for MKV muxer.
The thing is that ffmpeg might do that too for SoC.

So my question is :
Are we able to use correctly ffmpeg muxer?
Means : Streaming? Ability of using mkv muxer for chapter and subtitles
support (like I put a DVD and I rip it to make a mkv with all audios,
with the chapters and with the subtitles)

Cause if the answer is yes, great. Let's support FFMPEG in that way. If
not, well, I would push that project for SoC

Proposed Mentor: Robux4

/* RTSP */
What about RTSP Server ? I got no idea.

How many project should we propose ?

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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