[vlc-devel] Re: SoC Propositions.

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Tue Mar 6 01:52:57 CET 2007

On 5-mrt-2007, at 22:49, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
> hello,
> Here are my propositions for SoC 2007 (if google accepts our
> application, of course):
> http://wiki.videolan.org/SoC_2007
> ----------------------------------------
> /* GUI intfs for the browsers plugins */
> ----------------------------------------
> This project is about adding interfaces possibilities to the browsers
> plugin in order to have a correct embedded mode inside webpages, with
> buttons to control VLC. The second part of this project is to  
> provide a
> replacement for all preconfigured media players embedded in webpages.
> Instead of having youtube player, windows media player, quicktime  
> player
> or any other, VLC can take their place.
> Proposed mentor: Quovodis.

Note that although possible, replacing browserplugins is a tad  
dangerous, because it's non-configurable. Mozilla plugins are quite  
stupid when it comes to multiple plugins handling the same MIME type.  
I'm not sure how ActiveX does that.

Also. Is it realistic for one person to work on interfaces in  
multiple OS'es ? Or do we ask for Windows/Linux or just Linux ?

> ---------------------------
> /* Fullscreen Controller */
> ---------------------------
> This project would provide a fullscreen controller for Linux/Unix and
> Windows, as VLC media player already has on MacOS X.
> It should be draggable, clickable and support the classic buttons.
> Proposed mentor: Dnumgis

This can hardly be a 3 month job. should be expanded upon with other  
interface capabilities perhaps.
"non-flicker" vout changing springs to mind

> ----------------------
> /* Subtitle support */
> ----------------------
> This project would rework the subtitle infrastructure and freetype
> module in order to read more subtitles:
>     * support for SSA/ASS using libass or asa,
>     * support bold, italic, underline, RGB colors, size changes and  
> font
>       changes for a whole line or part of one line.
>     * support for the HTML tags, and add all the useful subtitles  
> types
>       that are not yet in.
>     * capability of moving the subtitles in the picture,
>     * capability of displaying two different subtitles, with no  
> overlap,
>     * capability of displaying subtitles with no video enabled for  
> audio
>       books,
>     * support for Karaoke subtitles,
>     * ease the automatic extraction of subtitles.

This is a whole LOT of different stuff.
* SSA renderer
* more freetype formatting options
* a common "formatting language" for non SSA subs
* implementation of subtitle rendering in the vout as an overlay/ 
separate window.
* karaoke subs (thats more a libass project)
* subtitle file muxing

I don't think this is realistic. The redesigned vout rendering should  
be either a separate assignment, or not there at all, it's very big  
and touches on a lot of VLC. Karaoke is not something for VLC.

> -------------------------------------------------
> /* Vista acceleration and DirectX improvements */
> -------------------------------------------------
> Support for EVR for rendering in windows Vista and make it default for
> Vista.
> http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/b/9/5b97017b-e28a-4bae- 
> ba48-174cf47d23cd/MED134_WH06.ppt
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms788119.aspx
> Rework and ameliorations of DirectX Video Output modules for older
> versions of windows and/or DirectX.
> Proposed mentor: Quovodis
> -------------
> /* MacOS X */
> -------------
> * Create a VLC framework that can be used by both VLC.app and
> VLCplugin.bundle.
> * Adapt and use Leopard enhancement in VLC
> Proposed mentor : TheDJ

We will need more specific OSX assignments. VLC.framework is a good  
one. Perhaps combine it with some more plugin work. Ideas anyone ?

> ==============================
> This makes five projects.
> /* MKV */
> But, the thing is there is a strong demand for MKV muxer.
> The thing is that ffmpeg might do that too for SoC.
> So my question is :
> Are we able to use correctly ffmpeg muxer?
> Means : Streaming? Ability of using mkv muxer for chapter and  
> subtitles
> support (like I put a DVD and I rip it to make a mkv with all audios,
> with the chapters and with the subtitles)
> Cause if the answer is yes, great. Let's support FFMPEG in that  
> way. If
> not, well, I would push that project for SoC
> Proposed Mentor: Robux4

I doubt Robux has the time for this.
And it looks like a strong ffmpeg project.
We will fix our ffmpeg muxer eventually. (it's on fridays bughunting  
list actually)

> /* RTSP */
> What about RTSP Server ? I got no idea.

This is a big and important one in my eyes that should definitely be  
in in SoC:
* TCP framing for our RTSP VLM server
* HTTP tunneling for our RTSP server
* RTCP usage (BYE partly implemented)
* Improved accounting options for our server (per asset accounting)
* Merge of the RTP packetizers of VLM/Sout

Another big one that i'm missing is Windows DBA implementation (DVB  
support). It might be difficult to find people with DBA equipment,  
but i'd really like to see this in VLC some day.

My personal favorites are in order: RTSP, plugin GUIs, VLC.framework,  
subtitles, DBA

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