[vlc-devel] incorrect usage of static information

press at 4cpa.ch press at 4cpa.ch
Sat Mar 10 01:38:09 CET 2007

Hi everyone

I`m heading a huge knowhow in the bugday chat. I`m not so far at all. 
I feel petty when I ask you guys questions you anwsered a million time and 
still I wonder why I get no response, even in the bugday chat, sorry but 
thats unfair. I`m not a vlc specialist like you, but please accept my wish 
to work with vlc, and even to help the become more known.

It seems you guys help  only folks which are at the same level like you are.
I`m not, sorry for that.

If you would like to know how you could help me, please let me know.


Karim Abouelela
karim.abouelela at 4cpa.ch


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