[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] MKV USF subtitles support

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Mon Mar 12 22:05:51 CET 2007

On 12-mrt-2007, at 0:53, Bernie Purcell wrote:
> Got a bit tired of not having Matroska USF support. :-)
> The patch below adds the following:
> * Decodes USF streams muxed within the Matroska container format.  
> USF was created especially for the Matroska container.
> * Adds additional routines to the Freetype module's text rendering  
> engine to support subtitles whose font, style, size and colour is  
> allowed to change partway through the subtitle, ie. HTML version of  
> the subtitle. Sytles now supported are bold and italics (supported  
> by fontconfig) and underline which is manually calculated. This  
> code has only tested on the linux version.
> * Code added to subpictures to choose HTML rendering over Text  
> rendering if rendering module supports HTML and if a HTML version  
> of the subtitle exists.
> * Additional fields added to subpicture_region_t filter_t to permit  
> the additional information to be carried without interfering with  
> the existing plain text version of the subtitle.
> * Code added to configure.ac to detect presence of fontconfig -  
> which is required by the new rendering functions. Absence of  
> fontconfig causes the plain text rendering code to be used.
> At present only USF is rendered using the new rendering functions.  
> This minimises its impact on existing modules. It is, however, not  
> difficult to extend part of this functionality to SSA subtitles,  
> for example, in order to more greatly support the style information.

VERY nice work. Thank you so much.
It still needs a bit of review before it goes in, because it's a lot  
of new code, but it looks good so far.
One thing, if you have same examples, could you please upload them to  
ftp://streams.videolan.org/incoming ?

Again, thank you very much for tackling two of our biggest subtitle  


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