[vlc-devel] Re: problem with qt4

Rainer Weidenthaler rweident at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 15:01:54 CET 2007

The contrib package is broken. I am not sure, but I think I have read
somewhere that they included a 64-bit version of qt. So the executables are
not usable. You have to get rid of all the qt-executables and qt-libraries (
e.g. your usr/bin/moc, usr/bin/uic .... )

and install the mingw32 package ( qt-win-opensource-4.2.3-mingw.exe ) from
the download page below:


2007/3/13, Bertrand Richard <bertrand.richard at liris.cnrs.fr>:
> Hi !
> I'm trying to compile the current svn version of vlc, but I encountered
> some problem.
> I'm compiling on win32, using cygwin/mingw32 and
> contrib-20061202-win32-bin-gcc-3.4.5-only.tar.bz2 contribs pachage.
> When trying to compile qt4 plugin, it fails with the following error :
> Making all in qt4
> make[5]: entrant dans le r'epertoire <<
> /home/admin/vlc-svn/modules/gui/qt4 >>
> mkdir -p -- ui
> /usr/win32/bin/uic ui/open.ui -> ui/open.h
> rm -f ui/open.h
> echo "#define Q_(a,b) QString::fromUtf8(_(a))" > ui/open.h
> /usr/win32/bin/uic -tr "Q_" ui/open.ui >> ui/open.h
> /usr/win32/bin/uic: /usr/win32/bin/uic: cannot execute binary file
> make[5]: *** [ui/open.h] Erreur 126
> I tried compiling without qt4, successfuly, but it seems vlc has no menu
> and lots of gui problem without that module.
> Any idea how to fix that problem ?
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