[vlc-devel] Regarding MSComctlLib.Slider.2 activex control

Nikhil Agrawal mrnikhilagrawal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 15:37:01 CET 2007


I am using VLC active X control to provide VLC support on web page. I wished
to have slider on the page for which i used MSComctlLib.Slider.2 activex
control provided by windows using following code snapshot

<object classid="clsid:F08DF954-8592-11D1-B16A-00C0F0283628"
        width="300" height="20" id="slider" events="True">
      <param name="TickStyle" value="3" />
      <param name="Min" value="0" />
      <param name="Max" value="0" />
      <param name="Value" value="0" />
      <param name="Enabled" value="False" />

I am facing problems on some machine. On some machines regardless of
Operating System and Service Packs , this slider control fails to load and a
crossed image is only visible on page (vlc active x control succussfully
loaded). If some have faced similar problems or any solution for the problem
, please let me know.

Nikhil Agrawal
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