[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] styled subtitles - warnings fixup

Bernie Purcell b.purcell at adbglobal.com
Fri Mar 30 00:16:07 CEST 2007

I only have my own experience with fontconfig on OS X to draw from, but I 
found that when I added fontconfig into the extras/contrib, just as you 
say, and built it I ended up with a version of VLC that could only render 
subtitles if it could find a fontconfig database that was compatible with 
the version compiled into VLC. The version that ships out of the box with 
OS X is so old that I can't even find the source code for it any more. 
This is what I meant by the end-user needing to install fontconfig on 
their machine. There is always the additional possibility that we can 
install the conf and database to a separate path and build the database at 
VLC init, but a quartz solution seemed like a better idea. I have the code 
all working now, but it needs a massive tidyup and check through before it 
can be submitted - I'm new to programming on OS X so my first go through 
is anything but neat.


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[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] styled subtitles - warnings fixup

On 29-mrt-2007, at 2:27, Bernie Purcell wrote:
> This patch (if the infernal thing works this time) should suppress the
> warnings generated when compiling freetype.c and subsdec.c - most of
> which came from new code I introduced.
> A final note about the code supplied, which allows most of the 
> subtitle
> formats to render HTML type output in the subtitles: it relies on
> Fontconfig. On OS X in particular this causes a problem, because the
> expectation is not only that VLC is compiled with it, but that the
> end-user has manually updated Fontconfig on their machine.

The first can be done. Actually, should be done, and I already have a 
configure.ac patch that uses pkgconfig to find fontconfig.
But why does it need a manually updated fontconfig ? Can you please 
explain? we can always add fontconfig to extras/contrib if we need 
to. It will be less then optimal, but it would work.

> I don't think
> this is entriely practical, so have begun work on a Quartz-based
> subtitling engine for that platform. Am I duplicating anyone else's
> effort in doing this?

A Quartz renderer would be a much better solution of course. We would 
more then welcome that.


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