[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] Quartz subtitle renderer

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Fri Mar 30 15:42:58 CEST 2007

BTW. since the Quartz renderer has automatic font fallback systems  
for unsupported charsets, we should probably select another default  
font for the subtitles. Originally I chose Lucida Grande, because it  
supported the  most charsets, not because of how good it looked.

Trebuchet, Arial or Verdana is probably a better font. If I remember  
well one of the reasons Lucida Grande is the System Font, is because  
it's a tall and sleek font. With white subtitles however, I think a  
font that is a tad "fatter" is preferred.


On 30-mrt-2007, at 15:25, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:

> On 30-mrt-2007, at 8:55, Bernie Purcell wrote:
>> Warning: the patch below adds a new file: modules/misc/ 
>> quartztext.c that
>> may need to be svn 'add'ed to repository.
>> The module itself should be pretty straightforward, but a few  
>> things to
>> note:
>> 1) I've set the module's score to be higher than freetype because I
>> can't get into the preferences pane on OS X any more to configure it
>> there - this was the only way I could test it. Whether or not you  
>> leave
>> it at the score it's at is up to you I guess.
> Good call
>> 2) it doesn't rely on the last patch I submitted, but without it the
>> only subtitle type that can render styled subtitles is a USF stream
>> muxed into a mkv container.
> Tested both, works on a SSA file
>> 3) If you find the rendered text excessively yucky you can try  
>> changing
>> the 2nd argument to CGContextSetLineWidth at line 814 to set the
>> thickness of the outline. I found this made noticeable differences to
>> the text output, but it varied so much with the font chosen that I
>> couldn't come up with a systematic way of setting it appropriately  
>> for a
>> random font. It should probably be a configuration parameter - as I
>> can't get the preferences working though I had no opportunity to play
>> around with that prospect though.
> This is looking VERY promising. couple of things:
> 1: positioning seems problematic at times with SSA, not really sure  
> where that's coming from, haven't looked into it yet. But http:// 
> deneb.student.utwente.nl/~hartman/videolan/Those_Who_Hunt_Elves_II_- 
> _0.mkv shows it really well. I guess some margin values or stuff  
> that need to be inherited from the input fmt are not copied over.
> 2: on plain text the last char appears to be missing at times. For  
> example. Try the hotkeys for audio-track subtitle-track ('l' vs.  
> 's' ) The text doesn't show the ']' that should be at the end of  
> the language tag ('[English]')
> 3: I do think that a thicker black outline should be used in a lot  
> of cases. It's currently 1.0f, which by my interpretation of the  
> spec means 0.5 on either side of the graphic. I was wondering if we  
> can make it relative to the fontsize by default. Personally i think  
> that would result in the best visual appearance for most people.  
> And then have 1.0f as the minimum value unless "no border" is  
> requested.
> Looking really fine though !
> DJ
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