[vlc-devel] missing PUBLIC_API macro in mediacontrol APIs

KwangYul Seo kwangyul.seo at gmail.com
Fri May 4 07:38:12 CEST 2007


in mediacontrol.h

PUBLIC_API macros are missing in some functions. So they are not included in
libvlc.dll. For example,

mediacontrol_RGBPicture *mediacontrol_RGBPicture__alloc( int datasize );
mediacontrol_RGBPicture *
  _mediacontrol_createRGBPicture( int, int, long, vlc_int64_t l_date,
                                  char *, int);
mediacontrol_PlaylistSeq *mediacontrol_PlaylistSeq__alloc( int size );

However, the matching free functions are declared as VLC_PUBLIC_API.

VLC_PUBLIC_API void mediacontrol_RGBPicture__free( mediacontrol_RGBPicture
*pic );
VLC_PUBLIC_API void mediacontrol_PlaylistSeq__free( mediacontrol_PlaylistSeq
*ps );

Is this intentional?

Kwang Yul Seo
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