[vlc-devel] Re: Streaming API questions & JVLC

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Sat May 5 20:54:44 CEST 2007

Hi Filippo,
  I forgot to mention the QTComponent for Quicktime does not appear to have the swing issues for some reason. I asked on the apple newsgroup if the source was available but was told probably not from an non-apple employee. I suspect the dll code for thier viewer is rentrant or the QTComponent does something unusual with the dlls from apple such that it can handle window losses.
  Once you are done with the callbacks and I will be happy to try the fix in the windows environment. I can also provide the download url which does the jre 1.6 and MyUniportal install. A lot of work yet but once I am done with the last (hopefully last) swing fix and you have the callbacks I can provide the beta. My site with the pictures of the portal has been hit by most every major university in the world. I do see hits from Paris and a Moscow University along with Cambridge in England recently and from time to time MIT here in the US.
  Should be outstanding interest when they see how real it is versus seeing a few pictures on the internet. I will only have the XP/2000 versions available initially since those are the environments I have available for development.
  I did have both the videos of wmv and mov playing at the same time in two swing JInternalFrames side by side and it was awesome!
  In the next couple of days this should be one of the biggest surprises in Java/multimedia history! Can not wait to see how Sun/Apple/Microsoft react. The delay for the beta 2 release for the last several months getting JVLC integrated I will believe will be well worth it to be able to view almost every video format on the planet in MDI using java and the built-in browser search and mapping interfaces and having Web Services.

Tony Anecito <adanecito at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Thanks you are the best!
  I am working with a friend to fix the final issue in swing where the container class removes the peer which in turn removes the window associated with th canvas. Not sure how that will turn out but hope to know soon. Over a year ago I got heavyweight and lightweight components to work together but have not told very many people about it.
  I worked out the issue regarding the deployment of the vlc dlls and the vlc code looking for the plugins so now I am able to download via web start the vlc dlls and have them work. I was hoping to release a beta version during java one and have everyone see you can have builtin browsers and the video in java even though Sun made it very difficult to do so. I am hoping for a large number of downloads then (which includes of course jvlc & vlc).
  I really appreciate your help and I strongly believe kids throughout the world will appreciate the effort!
  Tony Anecito
  Founder of MyUniPortal
  The free hitech learning portal for kids throughout the world.

Filippo Carone <filippo at carone.org> wrote:
  Tony Anecito ha scritto:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to use the VLC client code via JVLC and was wondering how
> to monitor progress of the download. It was mentioned to enable cache
> which made some sense but not sure how to go about that or how to
> monitor the progress. If I add an url to the playlist and then do
> playlist.play() the VLC appears to lock up. In Quicktime for java you
> could monitor the progress and the api had a way to set when play was
> allowed by default it may have been 70% of download before you could
> play the video.
> Also, is there an event that signals when the video is done playing?

Currently you cannot monitor the progress of download in jvlc and I'm 
working how to make callbacks available from within java.

> Thanks, -Tony


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