[vlc-devel] Multiple instances of vlc have incorrect instance references

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 17:09:11 CEST 2007

Hi All,
  While working with vlc I noticed that there were multiple instances of v_out with incorrect instance references to vlclib. I suspect this has something to do with multiple windows being displayed and need to get a question answered about vlc code in order to help.
  What I have discovered in the windows environment that two calls to get what should be the same instance to vlc come up with different references. The fucntions I notice this in is:
  1. Setting a window handle to an instance of libvlc
  file: video.c     (in vlc-trunk/src/control folder)
  function: libvlc_video_setParent() 
  statement: var_SetInteger(p_instance->p_libvlc_int, "drawable", (int)d);
  2. Retrieveing a window handle to an instance of libvlc
  file: vout_intf.c    (in vlc-trunk/src/video_output folder)
  function: vout_RequestWindow() 
  statement: var_Get( p_vout->p_libvlc, "drawable", &val );
  When I do a call to setParent() and when a video is started the reference for libvlc is different when two windows (one without a vlc lib instance) I GET TWO DIFFERENT LIBVLC INSTANCES and there should only be one! What this does is when switching between an application with vlc embedded in a child window and in the same application a child window without vlc the video pops out of the child window in a separate standalone window because the call to RequestWindow points to a different instance of vlc and the window handle returned from that call in val is zero which causes a separate video output window to be created.
  So in order to help figure this out and potentially help the team I need to know where in the code the p_vout-p_libvlc gets set. I verified the call to setParent occurs once. I tried tracking down the p_libvlc variable but no luck on finding where.

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