[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] libdc1394 V2 updates for dc1394 access module

Andrea Guzzo xant at xant.net
Tue May 15 00:02:35 CEST 2007

Thanks :)

I'm going to look your patch and include your work in dc1394  
plugin ... supporting both apis.

> -What about format conversions?  I see there's an unused function,  
> MovePixelUYVY().
since vlc 0.8.6 it's no more needed ... it was used to rotate the  
frame before passing it to vlc internals .... I'll remove it

> I think that's all...  My C skills aren't the best but things went  
> pretty smooth.  The new API is easy to use.  If you have any  
> questions please ask.  I have left a few TODO items in place.  I  
> have attached a patch and new file for your convenience (may depend  
> on how you'd like to integrate it).
great :)
I'll let you know asap if merging the two apis is a mess ... but I  
don't think it would be a great deal to have a single plugin  
supporting both v1 and v2 apis

ciao ;)


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