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Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 19:53:48 CEST 2007

Hi Filippo,
  I got past my jvlc issues and wanted to mention another interesting issue. Seems the thread loop in the jvlc.java class was using up a bit of CPU. It caused repaints to occur very slowly for the application even though the movie did seem okay. I took the logic out and copied it to the method that checks if the movie is still running and removed the thread. Now I can play multiple movies without the application repaints being an issue.
  This points out the need I mentioned for an event for the end of movie to be generated by the vlc code. With the callback it would have eliminated the need for the loop in the jvlc code.
  Also, we should have an event generated for streaming status for the client. You can either get that via a thread checking the internal vlc status of how much of the movie has been streamed to the client or have vlc use a callback to the java binding every so often sending the download status of the movie via http or mms.
  Let me know when I can download and test reading a stream via jvlc bindings from another server via http or mms at the client. I understand the vlm code is being reworked so the jvlc bindings can display a movie that is streamed to a client.

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