[vlc-devel] configuring audio output module via sout?

Artem Baguinski artm at v2.nl
Sun Nov 4 09:59:48 CET 2007


I'm embedding vlc in a virtual reality system and I'd like to make it
output to OpenAL sources for spatialized output.

The idea is to have VLM media set up in such a way that each outputs
to a different instance of my openal plugin, each instance connected
to a different source.

I though I'd be able to select openal output plugin via stream output
description, and supply the parameters (e.g. source ID, initial 3D
position etc) there as well.

But I don't see how that's possible: local playback is normally
requested with display module and I can't select what audio output to
use there.

Should I change my plugin to be stream output plugin then? So that I
can say in stream output description something like
"openal{id=1,x=0,y=1,z=2}" ?

(Hmm seems I came up with the answer while asking the question, but
I'd like a confirmation that I'm on the right track)

P.S. Whenever I'm done, are you interested in having this plugin?



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