[vlc-devel] multiple aout instances?

Artem Baguinski artm at v2.nl
Thu Nov 8 09:43:58 CET 2007


is it possible to have multiple, independently configurable, aout instances?

I've wrote openal aout plugin and I want to stream each broadcast to a
separate instance of it with different parameters.

i have the following vlm file:

   new noa broadcast enabled loop
   setup noa input "/home/artm/Library/music/Blue Brazil/07. Milton
Banana Trio - Noa Noa.mp3"
   setup noa output #display
   setup noa option al-src=1

   new upa broadcast enabled loop
   setup upa input "/home/artm/Library/music/Blue Brazil/01. Luiz
Arruda Paez - Upa, Neguinho.mp3"
   setup upa output #display
   setup upa option al-src=2

but I see the openal plugin's Open() called only once.

And while i'm at it - where can i find description of this file
format, available commands and their parameters? I only have
discovered it "by accident"...




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