[vlc-devel] maximum number of sub and video filters

Maxim Popov popovm at mail.primorye.ru
Mon Nov 12 04:08:49 CET 2007

1. Bug: vlc fails if more then 10 sfilters
How to reproduce (11 sub filters):
vlc --sub-filter marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq
What i see: seg. fault

2. Bug: maximum number of subpictures (VOUT_MAX_SUBPICTURES=8) and sub
filters (magic value = 10) is not related.
How to reproduce (10 sub filters):
vlc -vvv --sub-filter marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq:marq
What I see: a lot of messages "subpicture heap is full"
What I want: 10 sub filters are created.

3. Maximum numbers of sub filters and video filters must be defined in

It is fixed by attached patch. Please, apply them.

4. Bug #944 was fixed already any time ago. But ticket
https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/944 is not closed.

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