[vlc-devel] Communication between modules wxwidgets <-> sout-duplicate (vlc-0.8.6)

Gildas Fargeas gfargeas at irisa.fr
Tue Nov 13 15:38:32 CET 2007

i'm still developping a custom gui (based on wxwidgets) and stream-out 
module (based on duplicate) for vlc 0.8.6.
I hardly access to parameters from my interface module to the stream_out 
duplicate module (vlc_list_find or vlc_object_find are fine but i've 
difficulties to identify the type of object it returns when i specify 
I have identified that i could access a parameters from the module_t 
object (when i use VLC_OBJECT_MODULE and i filter result with the name 
of my module) but how can i access to the values of the parameters!?

Second point : in my interface, i want to draw a graph of values i get 
in the duplicate module but i'd like to synchronize drawing with the 
frame treatment done in the duplicate. I'd like to "call" a refresh 
function from the module each time a frame is treated. I thought to 
declare my function with VLC_EXPORT in order to have it declared in the 
core but it seems that it is not the case! 
Does someone know some way to do this ? Or better ;) ! Maybe it is 
possible to add a function to the parameters declared for the module so 
i could access it with vlc_object_find ?

Thanks in advance


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